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Item of The Month (15% off)
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Monday, December 1, 2008

Nie Day!!!

Nie Day!!! It was a hit!!!

Many thanks to ALL who came out to support The Nielson's!!!

The raffles and items for sale displayed so lovely!!!

You CAN'T have a Nie Day, without their signature balloons, thanks Reachel!!!

Just like Martha, centerpiece pumpkins and gourds for sale...

Many Thanks Ness!!

Fun, flirty and COMFY Nie shirts were sold. (They are still available!!!)
(Thanks Team T-Shirts! U know who you are!)

A busy day full of haircuts, updos, styles and waxing!!! So much fun!!


New and ADORABLE clients strolled in to donate and enjoy...Thank you!

Let's hear it for DOMESTIC BLISS!!!

The lovely and amazing Miss Chrissy, working her magic again...

and once again!

Teresa rockin out a "DO"!

Jerah, getting things together (so emily and bethanne don't lose it)

Sassy Lauren, lookin Soooo fine!

One of our fabulous aestheticians, Miss Claudia.

Our amazing, sexy senorita imported from Madrid, Spain...Marilo.

Bethanne played a HUGE part in making this great day happen!!!
Thank you SISTER. Oh, and you look hot!!!

Jerah working hard on the generous owner of Contagious
and The Glitter Box (also her mom) and Lisa...we see you!

Lauren spikin' it up. Is she thinking Edward?

Another talented aesthetician, Courtney and our perfect 40's gal, Laree!!!
These pregnant girls worked so hard!

Amanda making her mom look amazing as always!

A HUGE Nie supporter, drove all the way in from
Phoenix (not the first time) to support the Nielsons!
Amy and Emily met at another
Nie fundraising event. YOU ROCK AMY!!!

Nie donators, helpers, and family....many thanks girls!!

Our youngest member of the Nie Team, the lovely Makaela. Thank you!

Bethanne worked her flawless magic on this pretty lady!!!

We think maybe Venessa was really meant for the 40's!

40's mother-daughter cute

Emily and Jolleen
Miss Jolleen played a large part in this special Nie Day!!
We bow to you!! Cheers!

Even the little ones came to cheer their mom on!!! Miss Lily

and Sir Ethan!!!

Thanks to ALL of you, Nie Day was a perfect day!!!

Thank you to the amazing clients that shared this special day with us. Together we raised close to $3,000. Yay Team Nie!!

Thank you to the owners of the beautiful Habit Salon, Richard and Chrissy Rasmussen, for there hard work and generousity. We love you!!

Thank you to the stylist and aestheticians of Habit Salon, for their hard work in spreading the word about Nie and for donating your time and talents. You girls are the biggity best!

We also want to thank the many vendors who donated so generously.

They include:

  • Contagious
  • The Glitter Box
  • The Valley Ho Hotel
  • Kim Rhoton with Gold Canyon Candles
  • Lil' Robots, Sweet Cakes
  • Whippy Cakes
  • Amy Miles with The Written Word
  • Shani Stradling
  • Abundance
  • Venessa Frutos
  • Jolleen Hansen
  • Caruso's Italian Restaurant
  • Custom Spray Tans by Andrea Johnson,
  • Sweet Cake on Main Street
  • Microdermabrasions at Estique

For a personal and beautiful thank you from Mr. Nielson himself,
please visit


Miss Fergie said...

Okay, Chrissy, can I live at your new salon? It is seriously soo awesome!

Claudia and David Luckey said...

It was fun.. we need to do something like this again.

nezza said...

Love the update and photos! It was such a blast too!