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Item of The Month (15% off)
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Habit Salon At Blissfest!

Habit Salon had the pleasure to have a booth at Blissfest on October 18 in downtown Mesa. We attended in support of fundraising for the Nie Recovery Fund and to promote NIE DAY at Habit Salon on November 8.

Emily and Bethanne dressed up in 40's style, in honor of Stephanie, as she thinks she was meant to be born back then. (She LOVES the 40's stlyes!) Emily and Bethanne's hairstyles were a hit, catching the attention of all of the attendees. Blissful Living/Domestic Bliss posted their picture on a Blissfest follow-up post.

We're sure Emily and Bethanne will hve plenty more photos of their own to share with you soon!

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