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Item of The Month (15% off)
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saturday July 30th, 2010 Habit Salon held a benefit called "Cuts for a Cause". Proceeds went to Westin Reeder to help with medical bills. Thanks to Westin's sister Kelsey Hammond, a Habit stylist, who organized the event. Thanks also goes out to the countless others who gave time, money and effort. We thank you for your support.

Here is Weston before his very own "Cut for a Cause". He is surrounded by his mom, Helen, and two sisters. Kelsey just to the left of Weston organized the event.

Here is Weston after his cut that was professionally done by Amanda Millet. Good job Amanda and looking good Westin!

Thanks to all those who helped out to make this event a success. Above we have Sally Ellingson who helped out with the front desk and keeping things organized.

As the event starts the girls get giddy with excitement.

Here is Theresa Wisecup doing some of here amazing work.

Here is the after shots. So cute! Way to go T-money!

Megan Smith shows off her award winning smile as she begins another "cut for a cause".

Ali Asaro throws down some foils for highlights. Work it girl!

This is called the Trifecta; Jenny Grover, Cami Manganero and the ever so angelic Cambri Perkins. They work at Habit's "pink stations"....dare we call them the....."pink ladies?".

Brigette Henry, soon to be Brigette Lameroux gives a big hug to the one and only Jerah Metcalf. Jerah is an amazing stylist and she owns Contagious Boutique. She brought in the Contagious store and people went buck wild.

Kelsey Curtis prepares the client for her cut by giving a relaxing head massage and shampoo.

Kristi Allen gives some volume to her blow-dry.

Jamielyn Nye

Bethanne Johnson

Hayley Smith and Kelsey Hammond

Lauren Whitting

Habit girls "working it" at Cuts for a Cause.

Celeste Zaccardi finishes up another cut. Nicely done Celeste, nicely done indeed.

Lauren blow drys while Amanda sets up for the mohawk she's about to give Westin.

Thanks for all the donations that made this event a success.

Westin gives some love to his dad, Rob, and his sister Kelsey.

Westin, thanks for letting us be a part of this special day.

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