Item of The Month (15% off)

Item of The Month (15% off)
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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Since it is the Beginning of summer, our hair does crazy things in the Desert Sun. A definite fixture you need to purchase for your Product collection would have to be MOROCCANOIL®.

THE ORIGINAL MOROCCANOIL®OIL TREATMENT is an ultra-light formula that restores shine. It is formulated to Straighten and condition your hair while your styling while reducing the drying time.There is also MOROCCANOIL®LIGHT TREATMENT which is perfect for those with light colored and fine Hair.

MOROCCANOIL® HAIR MASK are another product we love in the Moroccanoil Line. There are two different kinds of Hair Masks provided; the Restorative and Intense Hydrating. Depending on the texture and condition of your hair will determine which conditioner is better suited for you! These Hair Masks restore and repair the hair condition, rebuild elasticity with the keratin enriched ingredients, while restoring shine and revitalizing your hair in only 5-10 minutes.

The MOROCCANOIL®Products leave your hair with Luxurious Shine, fortifies Hair from Roots to tip, heals and relieves weak and brittle hair. Although we only featured three of the products in this ad we do carry a few other products from the MOROCCANOIL® Line such as; MOROCCANOIL®GLIMMER SHINE SPRAY, MOROCCANOIL®MOISTURE REPAIR SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER, MOROCCANOIL®INTENSE CURL CREAM, MOROCCANOIL®HYDRATING STYLING CREAM, MOROCCANOIL®DRY NO MORE SCALP TREATMENT, AND MOROCCANOIL®LUMINOUS HAIR SPRAY.

The original MOROCCANOIL® is a Must HAVE!

Added blow is a link to American Salon Magazine Blog that is all about celebrities and their stories with MOROCCANOIL®.

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